Michelle (mcghengland_xx) wrote in playstation,

Question About A Game...?

i hope someone can help me answer my question, but i'm having trouble remembering a game....

it was a game that involved cars. it wasn't a racing game, but it was a game where you chose a vehicle and you had to blow up or kill all of the other vehicles. whenever you won, you would travel to another destination.

all i remember is that one of the cars you can play as is a man who rolls 2 giant wheels on each side of him. i also remember that 2 of the destinations were the north pole [or somewhere snowy] and i believe in washington.

that's about all i can tell you, unfortunately. if anyone has a clue as to what i'm talking about i would love for your help. thanks!

edit: also, there was a flower car in the game with the special attack "flower power".

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