valerie (xvalderie) wrote in playstation,

attention PS3 and PSP music lovers!

So i'm sure you guys are already aware that you can download and stream other content like movies through your Playstation. I only just learned this (hi. n00b here). Anyway my brother and I are super into music along with gaming so I thought this was pretty cool and figured i'd share it.

Third Eye Blind, Creed and Chickenfoot just released exclusive video content from 3 concerts they did this year. (No, not together) Pretty rad HD shoots for each event and now you can own them forever or just stream them directly through your Playstation 3 or PSP, personally I used my PS3. The concerts can be rented (about $5) or bought (about $15) in standard or high definition.
I rented the 3eb concert and it was pretty schweeeet!

You can only access the music series within the PlayStation Network with a PS3 or PSP.  The music series can be found on the PlayStation Network in the PlayStation Store under "Featured Collections".
go to  for more info!

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